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We have a vast amount of experience in supply, installing, testing, commissioning, integrating and maintaining a wide range of telecommunication equipment to meet our client’s needs on a nationwide basis. With full support from our prestigious telecommunication Principals, our team of technical expertise serve and take care of each individual client’s needs throughout the entire project cycle. 

We offer:

Battery & UPS                Microwave                 WIFI System/NMS                   Modem             Rectifier System        

Multiplexer                      MSAN                        Maintenance Services            DP Boxes          VOIP                              

 Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Tower

HF/UHF/VHF Radio System             

Multi-Service Access Note (MSAN)


Fiberlogic Product Series


OptiQview Element Management System (EMS)


The OptiQview Element Management System is designed for Fiber Logic’s OptiQmax and OptiQwave series products to provide the end-to-end fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security management of network elements. The OptiQview EMS operates as a standalone application that runs under Windows 2000. User-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) guides you through enhanced element management functionality with simple point-and-click operations. SNMP V3 based protocol offers easy integration with multi-vendor INMS.



OptiQmax 4388 Multipurpose Fiber Optical Multiplexer



The OptiQmax 4388 Fiber Optical Multiplexer provides point-to-point broadband connectivity for enterprise and carrier network. It MUX/DEMUX all the tributaries payload to/from dual pairs of single mode fiber for 1+1 auto protection switching with excellent performance up to BER 1x10-12. The 1 RU compact size can stack on desktop or mount on EIA/ETSI 19/23-inch rack.

Fiberlogic OptiQmax 4388
Fiberlogic OptiQView EMS


ZXDU58 B121 Power System

ZXDU58 B121 is a high frequency switch-mode DC power system designed by ZTE. It is a built-in power system and can be put into telecom equipment’s shelf to save space. The system rectifier is designed with high reliability, high efficiency, well electromagnetic compatible and is easy to maintain.

ZTE ZXDU3000 Power System
ZTE ZXDU58 B121 Power System
ZTE ZXDU68 S201 Power System
ZTE ZXDU68 S601 Power System
Valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery



Communication equipment


Emergency power system

Valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) & Traction Battery

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