Project Management & Maintenance Service

With the responsive project management approach, distinct project life cycle phases are easily recognisable. We take pride to deliver customised end-to-end top-notch solutions with added value to our customers from stakeholder, schedule, cost, resource, communication and risk management.

Leadcom provides a wide range of comprehensive maintenance services that assures our customer’s peace of mind during and after the warranty period. We take pride to provide high-standard after-sales services through a wide range of comprehensive maintenance support which will help our clients to grow to higher heights.

Cloud-Based Project Management System

Leadcom develops a Cloud-Based Management System with customized capability which allows customers to design the system according to their specific requirements. Experts will assist customers with the layout of the system to their satisfaction.  Cloud-Based Management System will be designed to guide stakeholders in achieving the objectives of their project.

Wifi Network Management System

Leadcom provides Wifi Network Management System which focuses on achieving the project’s objectives. A comprehensive schedule management plan allows stakeholders to monitor expected dates of delivery, equipment staging, equipment installation and testing of Wifi network to ensure the project completion date is met. The system could also be designed to forecast project requirements,  track the warranty of the products and even relevant maintenance dates.

Drone Intelligent Monitoring System

Leadcom provides Drone Intelligent Management System which allows customers to achieve their goal. Requirements from stakeholders will be collected to ensure the provided drones will fulfill the customer’s specifications. The system could also be designed to track the drone’s warranty and maintenance as per agreement.

CCTV Surveillance  Management System

Leadcom provides CCTV Surveillance Management System and guides customers to achieve their surveillance targets. Through the system expected delivery dates, equipment staging, equipment installation and testing could be easily monitored. Any risk that had risen could be registered and monitored until the issue is resolved. The system could also be used to store the documents related to the project for easy access.

Mechanical Department
Having highly skilled mechanical repair staff, the mechanical department provides repair work for mechanical parts such as coin mechanism, coin refund bucket and payphone casing.
Electronic Department
Having equipped with highly sophisticated test equipment’s and repair tools facilities, the electronic technical staff are committed to perform major electronic repair work and solve any faulty or problems parts and modules.
Comprehensive Maintenance

Leadcom offers Comprehensive Maintenance which consists of Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance. Preventive maintenance is usually conducted twice per year while Corrective Maintenance is conducted whenever a fault is reported by customers or detected by Leadcom. If the issue could not be resolve by the Leadcom engineer will be escalated to the principal. We are committed in ensuring the smooth operation of our customers.

Warranty Support
Leadcom guarantees manufacturer’s warranty for the products supplied to our customers. In addition, the option of ‘Replace or Repair’ is also provided. The customers could replace the faulty product with another or choose to repair send the product for reparation. A temporary substitute will be provided during the repair period.


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